Psychic Channelers


I’ve researched hundreds of channelers over thirty years to find those I trust.
Here is my list of reliable channelers and the entities they bring through:

Frank AlperAdamis and others from ancient Atlantis
Darryl AnkaBashar, an advanced extraterrestrial 

Helena Blavatsky

One of Madame Blavatsky’s messages is that all souls must pass through the cycles of incarnation in order to seek reunion with the absolute.
Amelia BertAn angel channel and intuitive 
Barbara BrennanExpanded consciousness while in meditation
Sylvia BrowneSpirit guides Francine and Raheim
John CaliChief Joseph and others he calls Spirit
Lee Carroll Kryon, a loving angelic entity
James CarwinPleiadian spirit guide Deltavash 
Edgar CayceAnother Dimension – Akashic Record

Diane Chapin

Quest – The Universal Oneness and The Buddha Consciousness
Sonia ChoquetteOur intuitive guides
Pat Rodegast and Jo ClarksonEmmanuel 
Grace CookeWhite Eagle
Cindy EdisonJosef
Elisabeth Fitzhugh Orion 
Barbara Hand-ClowThe Pleiadians – the Ps
Esther HicksAbraham
Marilyn HarperAdironnda
Lee Harris The Z’s
Geoffrey HoppeTobias
Marina JacobiMarina Jacobi
Tom KenyonThe Hathors
Wendy KennedyNinth-dimensional Pleiadian Collective
Barbara MarciniakThe Pleiadians 
Janet McClureVywamus & Others
Drunvalo MelchizedekThoth
Norma MilanovichThe Arcturians
Mary M. Moore Bartholomew
Frederick OliverAtlantis
Jach PurselLazaris
Shawn RandallTorah
Jane RobertsSeth
Sanaya RomanOrin
Carla Rueckert Law Of One
Phyllis SchlemmerTom, speaking for the Council Of Nine
Helen Schucman Author of A Course In Miracles
Daniel ScrantonThe 9D Arcturian Council
Paul SeligHe calls his channeled entity “the Word”
Robert ShapiroChannels a number of entities. Has also written a series of books, The Explorer Race.
Tina StoberLee Ching
Penny TorresMafu
Chico XavierHis spiritual guide Emmanuel 
Shelley YoungArchangel Gabriel
Paul Solomon 
Doris Stokes 
George Van Tassel 
Neale Donald Walsch 
Lisa Williams